Friday, July 29, 2016

Cashback Fortune

Cashback Fortune is a site where you can make extra cash very easily, I am doing good since I just started a few days ago!! I will get 25c for each referral who signs up and so obviously I am hoping to get some referrals!! Please use this link:

You can complete offers,shopping, surveys and deals. Plus your referrals -check it out!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Its Monday What Are You Reading?

Hosted by The Book Date-this where we get to show what we are reading this week!!

I finished one book-The Ghost by Danielle Steele-review posted.

I am currently in the middle of 3 very good books!! The first:
I am sooo enjoying this! I even got some swag from the author!!

No Second Chance by Harlan Coben-
No Second Chance

My cover is all red!!Anyway as usual it's totally gripping,and action filled!!
And for review, I am reading Movie Freak-My Life Watching Movies by Owen 
Movie Freak: My Life Watching Movies

I am really enjoying this for all that great movie's he has seen and his perspective on writing reviews. My review for this will be posted as soon as I finish!!

Coming next:One Day At A Time by Danielle Steele and Daughter of Smoke and Bone-Laini Taylor

Stay cool and keep refreshed!!

The Best Basic Blogger: SUNDAY BUYER'S BARGAIN BIN!!

The Best Basic Blogger: SUNDAY BUYER'S BARGAIN BIN!!: welcome to the First week's edition!! This is where (for a very small fee) you can post anything book or product related items that y...

Sunday, July 24, 2016


welcome to the First week's edition!! This is where (for a very small fee) you can post anything book or product related items that you are looking for, wanting to sell or looking to trade. See post.

I am the only one posting this week and I only have two posts.


Wanted to buy :
Message from Nam-by Danielle Steele-good condition please. email me at

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Title: The Ghost, Author: Danielle Steel

This is by far one of my favorites, it is so well written and engrossing that I just have to write a glowing post.

It starts off with Charlie a 40+architect living in London with his wife of 9 yrs, being happy and visiting all kinds of terrific places. Meanwhile, his wife decides to inform him that she's leaving him for another man, and from here on you just cannot stop reading. I don't like giving spoilers but I love it once Charlie meets Gladys (not what you would think!!) From here believe me you won't put it down. I have been reading Danielle Steele recently, and I just love her class and elegance in her writing. 

This is definitely a 5 Cans of Pepsi-and one of my all time favorites. I wish to thank Ms. Steele for her exceptional storytelling and such elegance in her writing. I have been collecting her books for the past month and once I have the full set I will be very happy!!

Thanks for reading and stay cool...

Thursday, July 21, 2016


I  am starting a new thing for my blog called The BBB's Buyer Bin. This is going to be like classifieds. Posts every Sunday. 

What it is: A place to buy, sell or trade with others. All items must be non-breakable,and not prohibited by law.
I will have a theme -such as books- for each weeks post. 

For instance, I have one Funko Pop for sale, I want to buy Book two of the Game of Thrones series and I will trade (whatever). 

$1.00 to post for all three categories-$.50c for only 1 listing (example-you have something for sale). I must charge a small fee as it is going to be time consuming, and I am going to make sure everyone gets what they are asking for.

To make a listing, email me your list and send payment to my This Sunday is the first post-so please have all lists sent by noon Saturday. I am hoping we can all have fun and get all kinds of goodies reasonably priced.
If for some reason,you do not receive your item. please email me.

I really hope everyone will join the fun!!


The Coloring Corner is my weekly meme where we can share our love for coloring! You can post pics,show what you got etc. I hope to see what everyone has this week. New to me is:Splash of Color- Volumes 2 and 3. I will update this post later-as I have forgotten the other one!!
Add your link in comments below and thanks!! Happy Coloring!!