Sunday, October 18, 2015

Happy Sunday!!

Happy Sunday!! I am off today, so am going to be working on my blog,as well as a million other things!!
Its cool here now, so am happy to be inside and warm. But this time of year always reminds me of the homeless, as it gets colder there are fewer and fewer places for the homeless to find. And I know I can't save everyone, but I just find it absolutely heartless when people just walk by and act like they don't see these HUMAN BEINGS.  I was homeless for a bit a long time ago, and that experience really opened my eyes. It isn't only alcoholics and drug users that are out there, and even if there werent, these are still HUMAN BEINGS!! What ever happened to compassion? I personally think its a shame. I also know there are homeless who really don't want help. (There isn't all that many, but there are some). We have charities for so many, yet very few for the homeless.  And shelters? They are crammed with people desperately trying to get a bed, and understaffed. I really don't know HOW I would fix it, because there is so much involved, but compassion shouldn't be a hard thing to find, and yet it is.

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