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Introducing Book Lottery for my blog followers/subscribers.
Every month there is a theme to read.Each participant reads as many themed books as they would like and enter the book lottery for that month.
To enter, add your link of books read for that theme in that months comment section. 
There will be 5 regular winners and 1 "instant" winner. The Instant winner will be chosen at any time during that month.
Prizes awarded: The top 5 winners will receive: A themed item (if its Christmas then you will receive a wrapped Christmas gift), a gift card of my choice no less than $10, AND a small buy-a-box of your choosing.
The contest begins on the 1st of each month and ends on the 29th of each month, and the 30th (or last day of the month) the winners will be announced and emailed. 

For this first month's lottery the theme (naturally) is HOLIDAYS!
It can be any holiday and must be read during this month. All  entries must be entered by the 29th.
The TOP reader/follower this month will receive an additional prize of $25.  I can't wait to see who will be my first winners!! Happy Holiday Reading!!


Yep, I signed up for another Challenge. This one is hosted by Bea's Book Nook, she also has other Challenges listed on her blog.
Here is the link:
Here are the details:
1.Put a sign up post and link it below.
2.If you don't have a blog, make a dedicated goodreads shelf or Library Thing, make sure its public and link it below.
3.Any reading material that you can check out of the library, books, magazines,audios.
4.As part of your sign up post,briefly write why you like using your library, such as Internet access, quiet place to work,whatever draws you to the library.If you don't have a blog post in the comments below.
5.Write a review- 2 sentences minimum, you can write more but MUST be 2 sentences.
6.There will be a post each month where you can link your reviews. Each linky will run for the calendar year.
7.Pick a level from the list below- you can move up but not down.
8.Books may overlap with other challenges.

board book-3
picture book-6
early reader-9
chapter book-12
middle grades-18
just insert IV-50

My goal is the adult-36
I love going to my library because its nice and quiet, I love their used book sales, they have a really good selection for a small library, and they have terrific raffles to help support the library.

The Sunday Post #3

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer

I have quite a list for this week, which means I am accomplishing!!!
Ok here goes:
I started learning how to make a spreadsheet-still in the process!!
Joined the Black Friday Bonanza- ongoing- giving away 3 books
I did my first Flash giveaway, which was interesting
Posted this week: Sales Blitx for Alexa Crushed, I am happy to say I was part of the Sinful Tour by Jennifer Dawson,Cover Reveal The Fool by Liz Meldon,YLVA Publishing.
I have 2 scheduled posts.
I signed up for 4 Reading Challenges for next year!!
Signed up for This or That Hop!
Did some Secret Santa shopping-found the gift I want to send to my secret santa.
I began my Buy-a-Box-goodie box sale.
I did 2 non-book reviews, Aveeno and Poise.
I entered many holiday hopping contests, as they are sooo fun-hopefully will win something!!
Finished Jamie-by Lori Foster and am now reading Earth Bound by Christine Feehan
Ok next week: I have 4 more tours/reviews to post
I want to read at least 2 books
Hopefully will get to the library this week 

I donated $1 this week to St. Jude's Children Hospital and $1 to Ronald Mcdonalds House
This is my post for this week!!

Craving for Cozies Challenge 2016

Ok, I have now signed up for my 4th Challenge for next year, I just couldn't pass this one up though!! Craving for Cozies is hosted by Lori at Escape with Dollycas- who just happens to love mysteries..LOL Here is the signup link if you would like to join the fun!!

Here are the rules:
The challenge runs from January 1, 2016 and ends December 31, 2016
1. Choose the level you wish to participate:
  • Famished – 1 – 10 Cozy Mysteries
  • Starving – 11 – 20 Cozy Mysteries
  • Satisfied – 21 – 40 Cozy Mysteries
  • Almost Full – 41 – 60 Cozy Mysteries
  • Completely Stuffed – 61 or more
2. You can Feed Your Need To Read with print, digital or audio books.
3. You do not have to post a review but the authors would appreciate it if you did. If you need help just let me know. 
4. You do not need to have a blog to participate.
Just keep track any way you wish and enter a link below if available or sign up in the comment section. You can even set up a special shelf on to help you keep track! Your can also participate via Facebook. You can find the Event here.
5.  If you do have a blog, take the button above, put it on your blog and post about the challenge. Then add your name to Mr. Linky below. Please use the link of your challenge post, not the link to your home page. 
6. Follow Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book as there may be special announcements made about the challenge.
7. Please share with us the books you are reading all year long by leaving comments on this page or on the Event page on Facebook.
8. I haven’t decided on prizes yet for this challenge but when you complete this challenge please FILL OUT THIS FORM no later than January 15, 2017. 

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Stacking the Shelves #2

 Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews, to join in click here:
Sherrilyn Kenyon's No Mercy- I got it at Dollar General for $3!! Happy about that!!
#14 in the Dark Series!!  This is my short STS!! Have a great weekend!

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This is such a fun challenge, I did it once before but just for fun, I didn't have a blog at that time!! Ok here are the details:
This challenge will run from January 1st, 2016 until December 31st, 2016.
You can join anytime. You do not have to review the book. Books can come from any genre.
You do not need to link up each spoonful.
Make a page or a post or a GoodReads shelf where you will keep track of your spoonfuls. I keep track of mine on my Challenge Page.
Crossovers to other challenges are allowed and encouraged!
It’s an alphabet challenge!!! The challenge is to read one book that has a title starting with every letter of the alphabet.
You can drop the A’s and The’s from the book titles as shown below.

The First Main Word Needs To Be
The Letter You Are Counting 

Except For those pesky Q, X AND Z titles the word that starts with the challenge letter can be anywhere in the title.
So there are two different ways you can set up your own A-Z Reading Challenge.
A – How I plan to do it: Make a list on your blog from A-Z. Throughout the year, as you go along, add the books you are reading to the list. Towards the end of the year, you can check and see which letters you are missing and find books to fit.
B – Make a list now of 26 books, picking one for each letter of the alphabet. For example:A – The Art of Murder by Elaine Viets  B- Breach of Crust by Ellery Adams  C – Copy Cap Murder by Jenn McKinlay   D – Devonshire Scream by Laura Childs etc.
Books can be read in any order and all formats – print – e-book – audio – are acceptable for this challenge!
Ready to join??
Bloggers grab the image below and make a post about the challenge to encourage others to join!
Non-bloggers you can join too! Just keep track any way you wish and enter a link below if available or sign up in the comment section. You can even set up a special shelf to help you keep track!
Follow Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book as there may be special announcements made about the challenge.
You can also join on the Facebook Event at  Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book if that is easier for you.
Then when you complete the challenge copy and paste your completed list in a comment below and FILL OUT THIS FORM
I am choosing option A- I am making a page for this challenge with my list of A-Z!! Join the fun!!



Your face banner

*Prices are good at time of posting*


banner 1

Gator by Bijou Hunter

Used by Bijou Hunter

Letters From Home by Beth Rhodes


Banner 2

Finding Us by Debra Presley

Broken Dreams by Rissa Blakeley


banner 3

Uncharted by Claudia Burgoa

Flavors of Love by CS Patra

You and I Alone by Melissa Toppen


banner 4

Fan Girl by Brandace Morrow

Fate's Mistake by Brandace Morrow

Finding Sadie by Brandace Morrow


Banner 5

Too Far Gone by KC Stewart

Fault Lines by KC Stewart



Faith by Elizabeth Hayes

Can't Walk Away by Ashlee Taylor

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I just created my Buy A Box service for anyone who is interested check out my page on my left sidebar!! I think this is a terrific idea and am hoping you will too!! This is not a monthly subscription!! Also there is now a follower reward contest, every month one follower will get to choose a Large box-FREE!! 
Follower contest begins December 1 2015, so watch for more details!!

Black Friday Book Bonanza!

Welcome to the Black Friday Bonanza!! This is hosted by 
: and

What a fun way to spend the weekend after enjoying our holiday with family and friends!!


My giveaway is for 3 books with a goodie tucked inside for 3 lucky winners!! US Only.
The first winner will have choice of book, and so on.
This is going to be great fun. For my giveaway:
Do these 3 things:
1. Visit either Caffeinated Book Reviewer or Book Shelfery and leave a comment. Come back here and leave name posted.
2.Subscribe and leave email.
3.Answer the question: Have you ever done Black Friday shopping and when?
Please do all in one post, thank you.
The three books I have up for grabs:
Aftershock by Jill Shalvis
A Springwater Christmas by Linda Lael Miller
Mean Streak by Sandra Brown
I look forward to this hop and hope everyone has fun!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Aveeno Skin Relief Nourishing Coconut body wash/Aveeno Skin Relief body lotion

I am an #AveenoAdvocate and am pleased to write this review! I received free samples and all opinions here are my own. 
I first tried the Aveeno Skin Relief Nourishing Coconut body wash, and it's true, it has a nice gentle scent-of coconuts. Made me think of Hawaii!! However, what I liked most: it lathered well and it didn't leave my skin feeling filmy.
Then ,I used the lotion which absorbed really quick (Love that) and left my skin really soft.I am using the coupon I received to buy a full size bottle of both the body wash and the lotion.
I received these samples from Crowdtap
If you qualify for certain missions-your choice- then you get to try new products for free!!

Ylva Publishing Event

November 2015

Release Day Blitz

The Bureau of Holiday Affairs by Andi Marquette

The Bureau of Holiday Affairs by Andi Marquette

Executive Robin Preston has dedicated her life to climbing the corporate ladder, using whatever means necessary. In the shark-infested culture at Frost Enterprises, anything goes, and Robin is a master at the game.

On the verge of a major promotion, Robin receives a strange visit from Agent Elizabeth Tolson of the Bureau of Holiday Affairs, who informs Robin that, though Robin may be a lost cause, the Bureau has scheduled her for intervention. Robin will receive three visitors in the two weeks before Christmas, who will escort her on visits to her past, present, and future.

Robin will be forced to face not only who she’s become, but the parts of herself she left behind, when she was an art major in college and in love with fellow art student Jill Chen, in whom Robin found a kindred spirit—until Jill broke if off with her. In order for Robin to change her ways, she’ll need to reclaim who she was and open her heart again, to a past she thought she left behind.

The Bureau clearly has its work cut out for it, but Agent Tolson relishes a challenge, and she’s put together just the team for Robin’s case. They may have to cut a few corners and go outside a few lines, but Agent Tolson has a perfect salvage record and she’s not about to let that change. The question is, will Robin?
Red Light by JD Glass

Red Light by JD Glass

Sometimes, heroes need a hero of their own.

Red is… The blood family that Victoria Scotts, “Tori” to her family and “Scotty” on the job, has, the mother and younger sister she supports emotionally and financially, the famous cousin that seems to have even her mother’s favor, the family legend they’re all held up against.

Light is… Learning her true calling despite her mother’s censure as Tori becomes an EMT in the New York City 911 system, discovering true friendships despite and within horrific circumstances, and falling in love—really, truly, passionately, in love, not just “for real,” but “forever.”

Blood is… Shed when a good faith attempt to render aid, comfort, and compassion go horribly wrong, leaving Tori not only injured, but also questioning the validity of her relationships, the ties of flesh and those that transcend it, and her faith in the innate goodness of people.

Love, friendship, and loyalty, are all tested and pour out like blood under the Red Light.
 The Tea Machine by Gill McKnight 
The Tea Machine by Gill McKnight

The story of a love that never dies…except it does, over and over again.

London 1862, and Millicent Aberly, spinster by choice, has found her future love—in the future! She meddled with her brother’s time machine and has been catapulted into an alternative world where the Roman Empire has neither declined nor fell. In fact, it has gone on to annex most of the known universe.

Millicent is rescued from Rome’s greatest enemy, the giant space squid, by Sangfroid, a tough and wily centurion who, unfortunately, dies while protecting her. Wracked by guilt and a peculiar fascination for the woman soldier, Millicent is determined to return in time and save Sangfroid from her fatal heroics. Instead, she finds her sexy centurion in her own timeline. And Sangfroid is not alone; several stowaways have come along with her.Soon Millicent’s mews house is overrun with Roman space warriors and giant squid.
Times of Our Lives by Jane Waterton
Times of Our Lives by Jane Waterton

“Growing older is not for Sissies…”

Set against the backdrop of OWL Haven, Australia’s first exclusively lesbian retirement community, an irreverent cast of residents share their lives, hopes and dreams together.

At 65, Meg Sullivan is very clear about what and who she wants in life. Despite a string of lovers Meg’s first loyalty has always been to her best friend, Allie Richards. After reading about OWL Haven in a magazine, she knows the lesbian retirement village would be perfect for them both.

Allie Richards has shared the best part of her life with Meg. For over forty years they’ve traveled the world, and love and trust each other completely. Moving to OWL is perfect, as a new group of friends join their comfortable circle of two.

After her last relationship ended, Sparrow Hopkins was left with a broken heart. Quietly resigned to being alone for the rest of her life Sparrow discovers a feisty, vibrant group of women who are not afraid to take chances. Despite her promise to never fall in love again, life, as she is to find out, has other plans.

Pat and Bella have been together for nearly fifty years. To them OWL represents the secure and loving community they rarely experienced in the homophobic Sydney of the 60’s. But life is never simple, and safety is sometimes elusive as they face their own personal challenges.

Daphne Williams has always been a loner. Despite her preconceptions of retirement villages she discovers peace and happiness at OWL Haven. However, when her tightly controlled world goes into freefall, Daphne has to make a major decision. Does she keep control or open up a new world of joy and hope.

Through laughter, tears, and joy these woman prove that no matter what your age, you’re never too old to fall in love.
 Without a Front: The Warrior's Challenge by Fletcher DeLancey

Without a Front: The Warrior's Challenge by Fletcher DeLancey

Lancer Andira Tal made Alsean history when she accepted the producer’s challenge to work a holding as a field laborer. She should have known that the peace of Hol-Opah couldn’t last. Now her hosts are cleaning up blast debris and she’s searching for both a traitor and a missing member of her family.

Just as she thinks she’s solved one of her problems, Tal falls into a meticulously planned trap that threatens her title, her new family, and her freedom. To top it all, she loses her greatest support right when she needs it most. There’s no possible way out, so she’ll have to do the impossible—and the clock is ticking.

Banshee's Vengeance by Shaylynn Rose

Banshee's Vengeance by Shaylynn Rose

Honor. It was torn from Azhani’s grasp by the sorcerer whose hatred of her family is decades old.

Love. Ylera, Azhani’s beloved, was murdered, her death no more than one callous act in a chain meant to put a noose around Azhani’s neck.Once, not long ago, Azhani had been hopeless, lost, and without any desire for a future, but now, the rimerbeasts have come, and she is needed. Can she put aside her yearning for justice and face this ancient menace as honor demands, or will the bonds of love lost hurl her into a mire of death and revenge?

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My Goodreads Win!!

I want to thank Goodreads for the awesome giveaways they have, I enter many giveaways there. And today I received the book I recently won,  A Harlequin Desire book by Sarah M.Anderson, WOW, I am so excited and thrilled look what she sent:
So naturally I definitely want to thank Sarah M.Anderson for the awesome book, gift and swag!! I love it and can't wait to start reading!! Did I mention she signed the book also?  Very thankful!!

Sibilance  by Aria Kane- A Woodland Creek Series
30 Authors. 30 Shapeshifter stories.

This is terrific with some humor where you might not expect!!
What I liked most is when Sophia meets Desmond!! I don't want to give anything away but this is a nice easy read with a few twists!! Also this is the 2nd Shapeshifting book I have read.

Her first impulse was to respond with a snarky comment, but she bit her tongue. This man had treated her — possibly saved her life — even after she'd broken into his office and screamed at him like a crazy person. She sighed. “Better. Thanks to you.” “You don't sound so happy about that,” he pointed out. Sophia searched his face and found it passive, calm, with just the right amount of concern. A doctor's mask. A ridiculously handsome, well-chiseled mask, but a mask all the same. She didn't bother telling him how much she hated being indebted to anyone, or how much she despised needing help, especially from a stranger. Instead, she asked, “What did you do to me?” He raised an eyebrow and the corner of his lip followed, flashing a hint of a mischievous smirk. So much for the mask. 

I really enjoyed this and rank it as 4 stars.

You can get Sibilance at The Book Depository

About Aria Kane

Aria Kane is a recovering mechanical engineer and romance writer. As a military brat, she grew up all over the country, but now lives in sunny Florida with a 60 lb mutt who thinks he's a chihuahua. Learn more at

Monday, November 23, 2015

Book Review: The Time Weaver

The Time Weaver by Shana Abe
An absolutely incredible read!  I have never read a book like this or even anything comparable. And just look at the cover!! Beautifully,well-written, eloquent novel.
First off, it lives up to its title, as it is a time travel type( not like a time machine) but more intriguing!! And thats only 1/3 of the terrific story that she "weaves"!!(Pun intended)
Here is a small excerpt:
"Prince Alexandru was a leader locked in a silent,frigid war,althoughit took me a very long time to realize that,and even longer to realize with whom".
I must state here clearly, you must pay attention to the characters or you may have trouble keeping up. It gets very intricate and I just loved it.  This is also a love story,that revolves around two main couples that you love reading about,because all 4 have distinct personalities. And last but I think is the real gripper: they are dragons/humans.......this is such a unique story that has everything. I HIGHLY  recommend this!! You can get this awesome book at:
This would make an excellent gift!! 
This is actually part of a series-I just read on B&N!! Love it, now I must get the others...


Cover Reveal

The Fool

Book Title:The Fool 
Author:Liz Meldon 
Genre:Paranormal Romance 
Release Date:December 21, 2015 
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

Goodreads Button with Shadow

Book Blurb

One night can change everything.

That's what they always say, and for now, vampire hunter Delia hopes it's true. After years of mediocre performances, she's still nothing more than a grunt in her hunter league, stuck on surveillance duty and low-level vamp busts.

So, when her informant drops an amazing lead in her lap, she jumps at the opportunity to take down the region's rumored vampire leader at an invite-only masquerade ball. Clad in a mask and uncomfortable dress, Delia throws herself into the fray—only to realize she’s woefully unprepared for the night that awaits her.

Also… Some ridiculously attractive guy dressed as the Fool keeps distracting her.

One night. One job. One man. One chance to change her life.

All she has to do is not screw it up.

The Fool is a novella intended for readers aged 18+, and is the prologue for the paranormal romance serial Games We Play.

“You look bored.”

The observation came two hours into the night, just as Delia reached the bottom of her first drink. She’d abandoned socializing for a bit, preferring to watch the interactions between couples and groups and individuals from a safe distance off to side. Scowling, she turned on her heel to stare down the idiot who made the comment, only to find her glare losing some of its venom when she spotted him. Lounging against the wall, the man was dressed simply in a black dress shirt rolled to his elbows and a pair of pressed black trousers. He might have looked like the hotel staff had it not been for the expensive watch and the gold and purple mask. Little bells jingled with the slightest movement, and she realized he’d chosen a jester’s mask for the evening.

Who voluntarily decides to be the fool at a masquerade ball?

At least she wasn’t the only one who missed the boat on the whole “formal” shtick.

Delia raised an eyebrow at him. “Excuse me?”

His overwhelming handsomeness didn’t excuse rudeness. Delia wasn’t bored. She was working. Like a serious vampire hunter who…was sick of watching idiots get progressively drunk. And mildly frustrated that she couldn’t tell vamp from human with all the pomp and circumstance.

Pushing himself off the wall, the stranger strolled toward her, oozing casual and collected like it was his job. She tried not to let her stare linger on the sharp cut of his jawline or the tousled effect of his dark hair—or the broadness of his shoulders and the taut muscularity of his arms. Tall but not excessively wide. Physically fit without being off-putting.

“I apologize,” he offered, a hand on his chest as he bowed a little. “You look beautiful, fair creature. Fairest of all the fair creatures this night—”

“Oh my god, okay,” Delia said with a slight groan, rolling her eyes as he straightened up. His smirk did not go unnoticed. “I’d rather be bored than whatever that was.”

His mask covered almost all of his face, stopping just above his lips. The dull gold hue of the part covering his face made his eyes stand out: bright blue, almost unnervingly so. Delia’s first thought was that they were the eyes of a vamp, and her defences shot up immediately.

“What’s your name, fair creature?” He held out his hand for her to shake, and Delia quickly tucked her clutch under her arm.

“Delia,” she said as she slipped her hand into his larger one, surprised at its warmth. Vamps were cold—frigid and dead. Diseased, some said. He was definitely human, but unfamiliar to her, even with the mask—not one of the local elites, that was for sure. “And yourself?”

“What is the purpose of wearing masks if we expose ourselves, Delia?” His grip tightened.

She yanked her hand away when she realized she’d been played. Lips pressed together irritably, she turned and refocused on the masquerade guests.

Moments later, a presence hovered dangerously close, well inside her personal bubble, and she flinched when he tucked her hair behind her shoulder.

“But you can call me the Fool if you wish.”


Cover Reveal Teaser 1

Cover Reveal Teaser 2

Meet the Author

Liz is a Canadian author who grew up in the Middle East. She has a degree in Bioarchaeology from Western University, and when she isn't writing about her own snarky characters, she is ghostwriting romance novellas, loitering on social media, or taking care of her many animals.

As a freelance ghostwriter, she has written thirteen books, which range from romance to horror, full-length to novella-sized. A handful are currently on the market, and she stalks their "authors" with fiendish delight. She loves writing realistic characters in fantastical settings.
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