Sunday, November 29, 2015


Yep, I signed up for another Challenge. This one is hosted by Bea's Book Nook, she also has other Challenges listed on her blog.
Here is the link:
Here are the details:
1.Put a sign up post and link it below.
2.If you don't have a blog, make a dedicated goodreads shelf or Library Thing, make sure its public and link it below.
3.Any reading material that you can check out of the library, books, magazines,audios.
4.As part of your sign up post,briefly write why you like using your library, such as Internet access, quiet place to work,whatever draws you to the library.If you don't have a blog post in the comments below.
5.Write a review- 2 sentences minimum, you can write more but MUST be 2 sentences.
6.There will be a post each month where you can link your reviews. Each linky will run for the calendar year.
7.Pick a level from the list below- you can move up but not down.
8.Books may overlap with other challenges.

board book-3
picture book-6
early reader-9
chapter book-12
middle grades-18
just insert IV-50

My goal is the adult-36
I love going to my library because its nice and quiet, I love their used book sales, they have a really good selection for a small library, and they have terrific raffles to help support the library.