Sunday, November 1, 2015

NaBloMoPo- DAY1

Hi, very excited to do this, and weekends are for free writing so I can just write, tomorrow I will answer a prompt, I am hoping I will attract more viewers/followers. It's Sunday, and football day, what could be more autumnish? Looking forward to my team winning (Steelers), I don't always watch the game, but I listen as I am on the computer!! I am off today and enjoying it, so I thought I would start this with football. I have never been to a NFL football game, have you? I went to several high school games which were quite fun back then, but have never been to a Steeler game!!I have been to a Pirate game and a Penguins just not the Steelers!!
My guy and I are going to make tacos for the game,yum!! I tried playing a few football picks, and I didnt do so well, (tried it for free and fun), so I will leave it to others!!Free Football Clip Art Clipart For Football Clipart Best Image

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