Tuesday, November 17, 2015


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Question this week is :What types of books do you avoid reading/reviewing?

My answer is there really is sooo any books that I want to read, and sometimes I will step out of my book "box" and try something unusual or new for me.
I do not usually read anything religious- though I just read and reviewed Luther and Katharina, which was heavily religious, however the story was compelling. 
I don't care for horror unless its Stephen King, there just isnt any author comparable to him. 
I really don't read YA, however I did read almost all of my daughter's books (Harry Potter, Twilight and other series she had) She is in her 3rd year of college now and started reading classics, which is my last "don' t read"! I just cant either follow the storyline or understand what they are saying. So I stick with all the fiction that I like (Historical fiction, historical romance,action,mystery,thriller, I also like some history as I am a JFK buff.)
I look forward to next week's question-Top 10 Favorite Authors!!