Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Blogging, Brownies and Me

Hi, right now I have brownies in the oven (fudge brownies to be exact), I have my Glade pine scented candle(my absolute favorite holiday scent) on and I am pondering what book blasts to do. I have learned (to my shock)that some material isn't quite what I wanted to have for my blog. So for making blog goals, definitely make sure I have quality tours/promos. There's many out there so I am still learning as I go.
Did anyone else enter like a million holiday hops? Or is it just me? I love hopping, its fun and you meet great people! Well, I entered over 200 different blogs contest in the last month, I did win one thing (so far), I won a book from the Gratitude Giveaway from Booknerds Across America. I can't wait to get it, apparently its part of a series!!
I am real excited about my Book Lottery,and my Buy-A-Box, these are unique to my blog. And last but not least, CHALLENGES!!LOL I have signed up for and am excited about all these different ones, can I do it? Yeah I think I can,as long as I keep good track of everything!!
Well, this is my general post for today, I hope everyone stays warm and has a wonderful evening.
Joann aka Jo


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