Monday, December 7, 2015


First let me state for the record that I really enjoy Christine Feehans books, this is her 4th I have read, the other 3 were from the Dark series.
This is another series of which this is the first book - A Sea Haven Novel. As you may have guessed the four elements are involved. 
This is a book based on two  individuals who were abused severely and learned to survive in 2 different ways. Lexi is connected to the earth and resides with a family of sorts who drew together during her therapy sessions. Gavrii is the male who's brothers are married to the other females that Lexi is staying with at their farm,so the men all band together to protect their women. Sound good? Not really. It's a shame for me to say that as it is just my opinion, but there was much overkill in Gavrii stating constantly the same things all through the book, even the lovemaking scene was just not what I had hoped for. I would like to say that this was about overcoming or healing-it is a little, but not much. I am not sure if I want to read the other 3 in this series, on the other hand, maybe they will be better?

3 sodas