Saturday, December 26, 2015

Book Review:Rules of Command by C.A.Mobley

This military read takes place in the Panama Canal, which was neat, a perfect spot for a military novel.

Excerpt:An American cruiser accidentally shoots down a commercial airliner carrying the President of Panama.
And that is how the story begins. We then have 2 female characters who are directly involved, one of which has a past history of being involved with a similar incident. Then throw in different agencies working against each other and they are all trying to resolve these issues while China is persuading Panama to take action against the US.
What I liked most: the in-depth descriptions of how they operated-i.e. sonar, radar etc. That was really easy to follow without too much complications. I also liked Elwell, a character who could actually have his own books...LOL
What I didn't care for: How it made the US seem weak and incompetant as opposed to China. China factors largely as an enemy of ours in this read. Would I recommend this book? Eh- if you're looking for a quick military-style read.

My overall rating:


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