Monday, December 28, 2015

Buy A Box themes for January

I am going to do 3 themes for January's Buy a Boxes, thanks to several ideas from my Awesome followers!!
These themes will only be good for the month of January. February is going to be awesome because of Valentines day, so for January I am going to make it very nice indeed.
 The first theme-Warm,Wonderful,Witches and Wizards!!  A small box is 6 items,$5. Medium-12 items $8 and Large 24 items-$14.
Items for this theme are:A nice throw, books that have Witches and/or Wizards, hot cocoa, hot coffee, hot flavored teas,candles,anything that represents warmth!!

2.Theme #2-Challenging!!-Thick books(1,000 or more pages),puzzle books,jigsaw puzzles,things that really make you think.
3. Theme #3-Read Red- any red colored items, Red covered books, Red in the title. Also DVD's,candles, household, home decor etc. Anything red!!
I will be shopping at Dollar General, Family Dollar, Rite Aid and little shops along the main street where I work (Main st. LOL)
I will accept all orders in order which they are received. I prefer paypal, however money orders are also ok. There is no limit to how many boxes you can order in a month.Please send orders via email to All items will be shipped priority  mail-USPS. International orders are welcome, will take 1 extra day for shipping.

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