Monday, December 28, 2015

Complete List of Challenges Part 3-Final Page

61.2016 Literary Pickers Challenge-
62.2016 Pages Read Challenge-
63.2016 Pick Your Genre Challenge-
64.2016 Pervy Girl Challenge-
65.2016 New To You Reading Challenge-
66.2016 You Read How Many Books?Challenge-
67.Mount TBR Challenge 2016-
68.The Bad Boys of Romance Challenge 2016-
69.The Series That Never Ends Challenge 2016-
70.Vintage Mystery Cover Scavenger Hunt 2016-
71.Read It Again Sam Challenge 2016-
72.9th Annual Canadian Book Challenge 2016-
73.Foodies Read 2016-
74.Rock My TBR Challenge 2016-
75.2016 I Love My Library Challenge-
76.2016 Ebook Reading Challenge-
77.#Six Squared Challenge 2016-
78.Contemporary Romance Challenge 2016-
79.2016 The Classics Challenge-
80.2016 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge-
81.100+ Book Challenge 2016-
82.2016 Anne Rice Reading Challenge-
83.Challenge:Around the World 2016-
84.Challenge:Reviewing Backwards-
85.2016 Bookish Resolutions-
86.2016 Book to Movie Challenge-
87.2016 Cloak and Dagger Challenge-
88.2016 COYER Challenge-
89.2016 Crafty Cozy Challenge-
90.2016 Full House Reading Challenge-
91.2016 Women's Fiction Reading Challenge-
92.2016 9th Annual Graphic Novel/Manga Challenge-
93.2016 Grown Up Reading Challenge-
94.The Little House Series Readalong-
95.2016 Literary Loners Challenge-
96.2016 Mental Illness Advocacy Challenge-
97.2016 Non Fiction Reading Challenge-
98.Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge-
99.2016 Read Harder Challenge-
100.2016 Reading Bites Challenge-
101.#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks Challenge-
102.Reading Challenge Addicts 2016-
103.Reading England 2016-
104.2016 Deal Me In-
105.2016 Read My Books Challenge-
106.2016 Review Writing Challenge-
107.2016 Romantic Suspense Challenge-
108.2016 Sci-Fi Experience Challenge-
109.2016 Steampunk Challenge-
110.2016 TBR Challenge-
111.2016 Triple Dog Dare Challenge-
112.2016 What's in a Name? Challenge-
113.2016 Women Challenge-
And that completes the list (as of today) of all the Challenges that I came across. I hope that everyone can find something here!! Comments are always welcome!