Saturday, January 30, 2016

Book Review-ARC of Wild Cowboy Ways by Carolyn Brown

Wild Cowboy Ways is a small-town country read. The Lucky Penny Ranch is the main setting, and Blake Dawson and his brother and cousin all pitch in to buy and restore this ranch, which you can tell from the beginning is going to be an ongoing,expensive ordeal.
That is how he meets Allie,carpenter and daughter of The local seed and feed store owner. Her sister Lizzie is engaged to Mitch who is a preacher.Allie's grandmother-Irene is having memory difficulties, and so goes wandering over to the Lucky Penny Ranch to talk to "Walter" who lived there 30 yrs ago. She's a sweet, loveable character who you can't help but feel for.  
My take:
This is a terrific read if you like characters that make up a small town, as well as a very strong religious undertone-I personally didn't care for it, but it also is imperative to the storyline. What I enjoyed most was the interaction of Blake with Allie and her family, he just sounds so awesome in this book. A nice love story,
with small amounts of sexual chemistry.

My rating: a very solid 3 1/2 Cokes.


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