Thursday, January 28, 2016


WELL, I thought this was going to be a sweeping historical romance. It wasn't. However, it was definitely rich in historical details which I did enjoy very much. However, the characters, I feel I didn't know very well, and what I did know , some of them I didn't like at all.

EXCERPT:"The journey to Elishaw took the t=rest of the day, because it had taken more time than expected to rally Wats forces. He had 50 men,though, without robbing the hall or Raven's Law of needed protection, and he had reason to believe they would be enough to send the besiegers running,or at least persuade them to talk."
As you may be able to surmise for yourself from the except I chose, most of the story was more about the battle between Scotland and England for English rule. (Braveheart anyone?). I cannot tell you about the wedding as that would be a spoiler! However, Sir Walter Scott and Meg are the main characters, with a bunch of interesting side characters,that honestly are sometimes better than the main ones!! Two characters I really didn't care for was Meg's sister, and Meg's brother-Tom. You have to read to find out why.
So my overall rating for this read is