Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Book Review: Tell No One by Harlan Coben

Mr.Coben has been a great favorite of mine because he knows how to keep you interested. Tell No One definitely kept me reading.However, at the beginning I wasn't sure that this one was going to pick up. Ah, never doubt..

Dr. David Beck and wife Elizabeth are this "all their lives" couple going to their favorite place, and everything says nice and normal-almost boring. However, once they get there everything changes (Can't tell you how), and the plots start getting really good.Elizabeth is the daughter of a cop, and David is a pediatrician for the poor, and they have a great thing going. Until they go away...

What really got me was how well Mr. Coben can make you feel the characters feelings in this particular story, and of course, once he gets hold of you, you can't stop. His way of relating normal, everyday things and uses that in his plots is definitely a interest-keeper. This book combines lots of good elements -murder,suspense,romance (which is sweet) but for sure I can say that how he puts it all together makes his story-telling terrific. My rating: 

Love his books.
4 CANS!!

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