Saturday, January 16, 2016

Book Review:Anna and The Duke by Kathryn Smith

Anna and The Duke by Kathyrn Smith
Ewan Maclaughlin is  a young and handsome man, who lost his mom at a young age and never knew his dad, so he lives with his grandmother at Gretna Green-Scotland. He learns he has to go to England on family matters, and while there he meets Anna.
Anna is a young and pretty woman, who is engaged to an eligible young man, who showers her with attention.  Anna is a bookie(love it!!) and while her and her mom are in town she stops in at the bookstore, and she loves to read Byron-the poet.
At that time Byron's poetry was considered "passionate",and this is where they meet. From this point on the story unfolds at a terrific pace, I HAD  find out what happens. I finished last night!!
This was well-written, the one thing I would have liked more of was his grandma, but that's ok. All the characters are well-placed, the plot though was excellent. At the beginning I wasn't sure how much I was going to like it, and I was nicely surprised.
I have been reading alot of England/Scotland books recently-so I am enjoying the scenery and names of towns I have heard of.
Kathryn Smith delivers in this delightful love story.
This is for my Read Scotland Challenge!!
4 Pepsi's!!


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