Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stacking the Shelves #6

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I was/am too excited to NOT write this post early Friday evening..LOL I had a TERRIFIC week for books!!
Here's my week for books: 
In the mail:

omg- I was beside myself when I opened my package from Deb Marsh, I am so excited to read this- I won this from Goodreads and not only did she sign the book, she sent me that AWESOME Pride and Prejudice Notebook plus some bookmarkers!! I am so thankful-and very happy!! I also got my ARC of Carolyn Brown's Wild Cowboy Ways, nice ARC!!

I got books for my many Challenges-not too many this week though...LOL Here's what I got:

The first book just looked funny! The Wizard of Seattle is for my Witches and Witchcraft Challenge. I also got (not pictured) a memoir of Bob Dole- just so I can read a memoir for a Challenge.And I was really happy to get this:

I printed out 53 pages for this Reading Journal, here are some of the pages included:

Then there is a page for Abandoned books, then A List of Award winning books, then several Notes pages!! I love this!! It cost me $7.95  to print at the library but definitely worth it!! Where did I get this gem? I had signed up for Modern Mrs. Darcy's newsletter (you get the free download!!) Here is the link Just in case you want one too!!
Late to the post, I received this today!!

This is a series I am rereading this year!!
What's on Your Shelf?

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