Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Post #5

Ah, having a terrific Sunday and day off!! I work part time, 4 nights a week in deli at our local grocery store, I love my job but there are certain days where I really don't want to be there, I just had one of those Friday!! But it's over with no complaints, thank goodness! Now on for some good bookish stuff!
First, I just got my first book to read on an ereader- I have never read through an ereader before, so this is a new experience. I had entered a contest on Goodreads to win a copy of Alignment:The Silent City by H.G.Suren, well the author sent me an email with a free copy to eread-which I am doing now!! I am on Chapter 6. All I can say is watch for my upcoming review, as I have been writing my thoughts for this book!!

I joined Randi Alexander's Street Team and am thrilled, here is the post I wrote-I got some great stuff!!
Other bookish things I wanted to post: For those of us who enjoy Adult Coloring Books  check out Blitsy, who has wonderful items for us colorers(word?)!!!!&utm_campaign=Check%20it%20out.%20Memory%20Box%20and%20Coloring%20Planners!!%20-%20Remail%202016%2F01%2F09%2017:00
I love visiting other blogs and leaving comments, and I do so every week faithfully, whether it is returned or not. 
I am proud of my new weekly meme that I came up with called Wishlist Winning Wednesdays- I can't promote it enough-LOL Here is the link to read if someone is interested...
I am really hoping it will catch on. Same with my Buy A Box- I LOVE this idea,and again I hope becomes popular.
I hope everyone enjoys their Sundays and Happy Reading!!


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