Thursday, January 7, 2016

The 2016 Reading Armchair's Reading Challenge
Definitely signing up for this one, I hope you do too!!
So, in 2016 read:

  1. a novel from Europe
  2. a novel from Middle-East
  3. a novel from East Asia
  4. a novel from North America
  5. a novel from South America
  6. a novel from Oceania
  7. a superhero comic
  8. a non-superhero comic
  9. a collection of poetry
  10. a play
  11. a classic
  12. a non-fiction book
  13. a biography/memoir
  14. a collection of fairytales/folklore
  15. the last book of a series
  16. a manga
  17. a fan-fiction novel
  18. a short-story collection
  19. a novel written by a Nobel Prize recipient
  20. a novel that won the Man Booker Prize
  21. a self-published book

This is basically it. It's an all-year-long challenge, so I believe that it's quite manageable. First of all, I wanted to read books from different regions, that's why the books from 1-6 must be from different parts of the world. The genre doesn't really matter, it can be whatever. The books also can be adult, or young adult, or even middle grade, there is no restriction. Every time I read something of one of the above categories, I'll add it to this post.


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