Friday, January 15, 2016


This is in Honor of Alan Rickman who passed away yesterday at the age of 69. For all of us Harry Potter fans, Severus Snape was the most intriguing (to me anyways) adult character, and I am absolutely stunned that he is gone.

I am sure there are going to be several tributes to Alan, I wanted to do my own.

I think he was a terrific actor although I can say that I only saw him in Harry Potter. I hope you will join me in saying thank you and goodbye to a man who will live on as Snape.

I am posting different articles and photos in honor of Alan, as I really respected his acting in Harry Potter.
To Mr. Rickman thank you for your excellent portrayal of Severus Snape-and all of your incredible talents that you shared with the world. May you rest in peace, ALWAYS.
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