Sunday, February 21, 2016

BIG BLOG Vs.little blog

Some things I have noticed about blogs/bloggers, is the bigger the blogger the less they respond to comments, or actually show interest in any of the smaller blogs posts.
Good things about "big" blogs? They show us what NOT to do if (and this is a big IF) you want to maintain interaction with your readers. 
I have 85 followers and I am pretty certain not all 85 of those followers actually read my blog daily-which is fine as I certainly don't read every blog every day (I would never get anything done!!) However to me being a bigger blog means ALOT of work and maintenance as well as their advertising etc. You know, I am actually quite happy with my followers-if I get more that's terrific,but I have learned over the past few months that I would much rather have REAL interactions with my followers/readers.  And every month I realize how much I learn about blogging and bloggers. 
Something that really really aggravates me though-bloggers with bad grammar. How can you possibly write a good review if you cannot spell or punctuate properly? How does that work? And does no one else notice these things? Am I too picky? I don't really think so, I just things should be done right-especially reviews, and especially for books. Authors are probably not real happy if they read a review with bad grammar-even if it's a good review. I am sure all good reviews are great for them, but I would imagine that they would like people who knew how to spell, punctuate and express themselves clearly!! I have seen so many bloggers both big and small that have serious spelling issues, and wonder if they ever check themselves. I do. 
Bigger blogs means bigger responsibilities which also includes setting examples. If you can't interact with other bloggers what message is that sending?
I think I will enjoy my blog and see where it takes me. However, I cannot go anywhere without my readers. 
Thanks for reading!!