Friday, February 26, 2016


I have some news/things I wish to share so I thought I would just put it all in one post. (Smart huh?LOL).
Ok. I am changing my WISHLIST WINNING WEDNESDAY to once a month so I am also changing the title as I cannot afford to do this right now, am hoping to get back to it later this year. SO beginning March 1st it will be a MONTHLY meme-instead of every Wed. And the new title is WIN A WISHLIST BOOK. It will also be easier coming up with themes, too. 
Speaking of winning: I won 2 books this week PLUS  Celestial Seasonings collectible keepsake tin!! I am soo excited about that!!
And finally, am very excited to be taking part in the Etsy Handmade Love Swap hosted by Chaotic Goddess Swap!!
Handmade Love Etsy Swap

And I got 1 review done this week that went for my USA reading Challenge!! 
Also You can link up on my Coloring Corner meme-that will remain weekly- and am hoping you will join in!
Also check out the weather pics I took from outside my work on Wednesday:
These were taken 1 hour apart!!
Have a great day and thanks for reading!!


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