Thursday, February 25, 2016

Book Review-The Marauders by Tom Cooper

This is one heck of a great adventure type novel that is completely engrossing. It takes place in the great state of Louisiana and how well it is described in this book makes you feel like you are right there-seeing what is written, smelling the smells, tasting the red beans and rice, I felt like I was right beside the author!!

A short intro to this wonderfully well written book. 
It starts with the Trench men who are shrimpers, and they go out in their little boat to catch shrimp for money. They get paid for their hauls and go home. Father and son team here, they lost the mom in the Hurricane.
Lindquist-is quite a character that regardless of his problems you can't help admiring him for (if nothing else) his tenacity and persistance in treasure hunting.
The Toup Brothers-you just don't like, it is obvious why.
Grimes- Someone I didn't care too much for, however he was integral to the story.
There are more characters that add to this terrific plot that just builds and leads you on quite an adventure in a Tom Sawyer type-more modern of course, but it reminded me of good ole Tom on several occasions!!
All of these characters interact at some point, and the story just keeps getting better!! I am very thrilled that I got to read this and very happy to do this review.
My 3rd 5 Cans of Pepsi book of the year!!
I am/willl also leave reviews on goodreads and Amazon.

5 cans of 

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