Monday, February 1, 2016

Funko Pops!-How I love these...


I am so crazy about these characters, and newly discovered by me about 2 months ago on a fellow blogger's instagram photo (everyone has such cute stuff!!) SO I decided to write this post in honor of my new found -want them all-collectibles!!
Now before I start my list- GUESS WHAT?
cartoon waiting worried daffy duck cartooon

I ordered my FIRST FUNKO POP!!
movie life day live city

WHO can guess which one? ( Not really hard) Ok I will tell you..HARRY POTTER!!

5858 POP Movies Harry Potter - Harry Potter - Action Figures

NOW  I can start my list...hehe
1. There are SOOOO many wonderful characters to choose from-how can you not like that much variety?
Harry Potter Funko POP Set 2

2. REASONABLY PRICED-unless, of course you are getting something very rare or unique, then the price for these isn't bad at all, for a collectible.
POP! Christmas Vacation Clark Griswold Vinyl Figure
3.I keep finding ones like Clark Griswold, so awesome- and they keep making more!!
Funko Pop! Disney Alice, Multi

4. The packages- I really like the boxes they come in. The 7-11 up the street from me has a WWE Funko Pop, that I just have to buy this weekend, for my fiancee(Mike), as he likes wrestling! 
5. They have SPORTS::I love this one (and will eventually get it)
The Steelers are my team (even though we didn't make it to the Bowl this year- we have an awesome team!! So How CUTE is this?
Team Spirit!!
6. Bookish POPS- again, HOW CUTE!!
#01 - Tyrion Lannister
(Since I just ordered Game of Thrones I had to add this!!LOL)
7. EPIC!! You can get things from different eras that were extremely  popular like these:
POP TV: Sesame Street Flocked Cookie Monster NYCC 2015

8. Let us not forget movies..
Batman Arkham Knight Pop! Vinyl Figure - Batman

9. OR TV:
21 Jump Street Pop! Vinyl Figure - Morton Schmidt
Borderlands : Mad Moxxi Pop! Vinyl Figure

10. Or how about you can get these cuties:
Adventure Time Mystery Mini In Collectors Tin - Random
Best of Anime Series 2 Mystery Minis x1 Random Figure

PLUS they ARE collectible. You can even get checklists...
Image result for Funko Pops checklists

AND  how about for all the gamers? (My cuz showed me how to play Assassin's Creed, like 3 years ago and I had a ball seeing how bad I was!!) 
Image result for Funko Pops checklists

Best of Anime Series 2 Mystery Minis Full Case of 12

Image result for Funko Pops checklists

SO now my dilemna is how to buy everyone and where to keep them? Hmmm something to think about, meantime I KEEP finding cool characters to add and if this is what fangirling is -then yeah I am for Funko Pops!! 
Image result for Funko Pops checklists


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