Thursday, February 4, 2016

Got My First Funko!!

Oh I was so happy when the mail truck pulled up to my house this morning:
frederatorblog cartoon hangover bee and puppycat cartoonhangover mailmancheezburger  animals cute dog trick

Needless to say-I THANKED my mailman-not knowing it was "Thank a Mailman Day!!"LOL Anyhoo, this is what Mr. Postman brought me today:
Now I can finally read this very popular book!!(Hope I Like it )
But I love my Harry Potter Funko!!
Now I am restricting myself to one every so often, I would love to buy a whole bunch-mainly all of them-so I got to ease into it. As you have seen in my post about Funko's!!

NOW I am a happy camper, and thank you for reading!!

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