Tuesday, March 8, 2016


The Reckless Traveler by Walter Rhein

To begin with, this is an expat book, and my first one at that, of which I enjoyed enormously. I can also relate to it in certain aspects that I will touch on shortly.
He travels to Peru (of which I learned some!) and what he learns, overcomes, teaches, shares, explores is fascinating and shows the human spirit in terrific form. He certainly showed terrific determination in learning the language and exploring the country which is quite inspiring. It is difficult to learn a second language (I believe learning at a younger age is the best way) but nevertheless he not only mastered the language, he was able to help others learn too!!
I had moved from my home state several years ago (PA) to TX-down near the border where Spanish is predominant. I cannot tell you how many Spanish for Dummies, And learn how to speak Spanish books I tried to learn!! But as in this book, you have to live the culture, and he was able to explore it more fully than I did, however I had a smaller learning experience, so much of the beginning of this book I understood. And there is nothing like being connected to the person writing the book.
So many places he explores in this book, is something to read-especially how he shares his views. I think a few photos would've been beautiful to see- however, I used my imagination (that's what it's for!)he describes his visits beautifully,well-detailed. I actually hated ending this because I wanted to see where he went next!! 
This is definitely a read for someone who has an adventurous spirit and the backbone to do something with it. I am so glad I was able to read this, and am glad to sit here and write this. 
From the backcover: The Instruction manual for aspiring backpackers (Loved this) How to avoid malaria, bribe police, find employment abroad and what not to do when armed mercenaries board your charter bus.  And also (this is my own little quip) always have a can of Raid, your own bottle of Ibuprofen!!)
A short paragraph excerpt:"The ruins alone don't make Machu Picchu amazing;the combination of mountains, layout, and wind coming up from below do that.Everything conspires to create a magical ambiance unlike anywhere else.The sight reminded me of Elven villages from Lord of the Rings." Can you picture how beautiful that must be?

Photo: Tourists on a summit

I definitely enjoyed this book. 5 shots of Pisco Sour-specifically to/for this book!! 
5 Pepsi's for non-drinkers!!
I would like to thank Walter Rhein-author-for the opportunity to read, review and expand my mind. I received this book from Mr. Rhein in exchange for an honest review.

BUY LINKS:http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/reckless-traveler-walter-rhein/1122193104?ean=9780991465484
Barnes and Noble- I am reviewing there as well.