Thursday, March 3, 2016



This is where we can share our coloring activities or gear for the week - hope you will join in by doing a post and linking up!!

I love coloring it helps me relax after a brutal night at work, or I just feel like it!!
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Here is a small collage of my coloring and items, a few pics I have done:

And I took these photos this morning:

Plus I wanted to share-my local paper did an article in this past Sunday's paper about coloring and the library where I go does an Adult Coloring Hour!!It's called Color Me Happy!!
Did you know there is a group making Adult Coloring Books for pregnant women and then for after the child is born?
The best selling coloring book as of this paper's edition is:
Secret Garden and then Enchanted Forest-13.5 million copies sold!! Wow!!  Now Adult Coloring books are topping book list charts almost every week!! See, so I got something fun here guys- so join in the fun, share your items or pics, you don't have to have pictures done, just show what you're working on and what you're using- I myself have s shlew (word) of dollar store markers!! However the Adult Coloring books are more expensive then kids coloring books- so why not both? I prefer the Adult ones because-A-the content is geared more for me than a cartoon and B- I love the paper!! Plus alot of my pictures have quotes on the back, some of which I am going to share here on my blog.
Coloring is Cool!!

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