Wednesday, March 16, 2016


WELCOME!! Coloring Corner is where we can share our coloring pictures, items, etc. Fun facts,links and contests are also a part.

This is my weekly meme, please link up in comments below, as I am currently working on getting linky set up properly!!

Which do you prefer to use colored pencils, markers, gel pens or crayons? I myself use dollar general markers, I get a whole package for $3!!

This is definitely on my wishlist!! This is a great page for us serious colorer's(word?), I get their emails, so I can share this!! Hopefully, you will visit and check them out!! 

Please share your post of which items you like to use (colored pencils,markers-etc) and what kind of pictures do you like to do? 
Here are 3 of my favorite coloring books so far:

I LOVE this one-I hope they make more volumes!!

These books are great-and am hoping they keep making volumes!
This one is a runner up- because I really like this one as well.
Now, I tear my pictures out so I can use the table to color, and I have a stack of pictures I really don't want to do and would love to swap or sell these!!
I have 19 pictures-here is a few photos(2)

If you're interested please email me at joanndownieATyahooDOTcom-thanks!!

And finally, here is one picture I finished this week!!
And I am hoping to get a new ACB (Adult Coloring Book) tomorrow, they have a new one for spring...
Thanks for reading, and please link up your Coloring post in the comments, so I can come visit!!


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