Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Sunday Post

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Happy Daylight Savings Day!!
I have been pretty busy this week with just regular old daily living, and working! But I did get my review done for The Reckless Traveler by Walter Rhein which was excellent, that one I also reviewed on Barnes and Noble and am going to do one on Amazon as well, I also reviewed on goodreads.

I became a mystery shopper this week, and am very excited about it- I have my first mission this coming week-can't wait!!

I got one winner's gift out this week-3 more to go!! (I am sorry-finances got really tight this past month)My fiancee's is a roofer and has been out of work, however he got two jobs, which helps-in fact it's spring now so work will be coming in.

I got one gift from my Etsy handmade swap-mine are sent out. I should have another one coming, we'll see. This is what I received:
Now for bookish items, got 1 tour scheduled and this past week I got this book in the mail for review:
I look forward to reading this, am about to start this one!! Also, the author has the same name as my aunt-so she's going to receive this as a gift after I have read and reviewed!!

From Dollar General, another mystery for my mystery Challenge! And couldn't pass up the coloring items!!
That's the update for this week!!
Have a good week.
A view from behind where I work-it was 72 and beautiful!! Am so glad it's warming up!