Saturday, July 23, 2016


Title: The Ghost, Author: Danielle Steel

This is by far one of my favorites, it is so well written and engrossing that I just have to write a glowing post.

It starts off with Charlie a 40+architect living in London with his wife of 9 yrs, being happy and visiting all kinds of terrific places. Meanwhile, his wife decides to inform him that she's leaving him for another man, and from here on you just cannot stop reading. I don't like giving spoilers but I love it once Charlie meets Gladys (not what you would think!!) From here believe me you won't put it down. I have been reading Danielle Steele recently, and I just love her class and elegance in her writing. 

This is definitely a 5 Cans of Pepsi-and one of my all time favorites. I wish to thank Ms. Steele for her exceptional storytelling and such elegance in her writing. I have been collecting her books for the past month and once I have the full set I will be very happy!!

Thanks for reading and stay cool...


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