Thursday, July 21, 2016


I  am starting a new thing for my blog called The BBB's Buyer Bin. This is going to be like classifieds. Posts every Sunday. 

What it is: A place to buy, sell or trade with others. All items must be non-breakable,and not prohibited by law.
I will have a theme -such as books- for each weeks post. 

For instance, I have one Funko Pop for sale, I want to buy Book two of the Game of Thrones series and I will trade (whatever). 

$1.00 to post for all three categories-$.50c for only 1 listing (example-you have something for sale). I must charge a small fee as it is going to be time consuming, and I am going to make sure everyone gets what they are asking for.

To make a listing, email me your list and send payment to my This Sunday is the first post-so please have all lists sent by noon Saturday. I am hoping we can all have fun and get all kinds of goodies reasonably priced.
If for some reason,you do not receive your item. please email me.

I really hope everyone will join the fun!!