The Reading Armchair's 2016 Reading Challenge

Hosted by The Reading Armchair:

Here are the topics you must read-plus my reads!

1. A novel from Europe

2. A novel from the Middle East

3.A novel from East Asia

4.A novel from North America

5. A novel from South America-The Reckless Traveler-Walter Rhein-301 pages-received from author for review-

6.A novel from Oceania

7.A novel from Africa

8.a superhero comic

9.a non superhero comic

10. a collection of poetry

11. a play

12.a classic

13.a non fiction book

14. a biography/memoir

15. a collection of fairytales/folklore

16.The last book of a series

17. a manga

18.a fan fiction novel

19. a short story collection

20.a novel written by a Nobel Prize winner

21. a novel that won the Man Booker prize

22. a self published book


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